ESO Price Check App revisa


Worked fine for awhile now it just crashes won’t even open tried everything uninstalling restarting phone finally got a message saying app came with problems when they took it over please fix the issue

Out of date

Desperate need of an update

Gear sets

Used this app a lot and still do, but why did you remove the gear set prices? This has a major effect on the sells.

Great app if you use it correctly

I do not list anything on ESO without checking this app. I play on console so we don’t have add-ons that help with pricing items. I feel like I always make more sales when I use this app as a guide (makes my prices more fair to the buyer), and it prevents me from ripping myself off sometimes by under selling. My only two complaints are that the app isn’t updated a lot. I understand that part...this is a hobby for the developer not a business. We get updates when she has time so you have to live with that. The other downside is it’s hard to price set pieces with the guide. I understand there are a billion sets but maybe it would be nice to see some generic set pricing. Now with transmuting, the trait is less important so maybe just pricing for say Mother’s Sorrow broken into weapons, armor and jewelry. I know that is still a wide range but that would kinda see which sets are popular right now. I never know what to list and what to decon. Overall, love the app.

Does look like advertised

There isn’t a general set pricing. It just lists material prices...

A must Have

This is a must have when playing ESO I use to have to write every thing down and try to remember what is on what paper I only wish I got it sooner.

Complete Crap

Save your dollar. The prices aren’t accurate. The app is glitchy as hell and doesn’t work at all on iPhone X.

Freezes icons

I can look up 1 thing then it freezes and won’t let me touch any icon

Keeps crashing

I open the app and it crashes right away. Not sure how to fix it. Can’t even give it an actual review since I can’t even use it.

Decent Price Guage

It’s O.K. The market fluctuates so rapidly that the prices here are generally not totally current as that would be difficult to do, but it will still give you a decent range

Crashes on iPhone

The app does opens and crashes even after reinstalling

App is horrible

The app keeps on crashing every time I need it,I have to restart the app it’s getting annoying please fix ASAP!!! :/.

Love it, just..

This is a great app I use it just about every time I play. I only have one thing I would like to see added, a category for all items that’s prices have gone up or down. It would be really useful and I could see many people enjoying it. Thanks for the app and taking my suggestion into consideration.

Bad site

This website doesn’t research prices correctly. If u buy this app u will lose money based on their recommendations. And when I complained the lady didn’t care that I had lost lots of money based on their advice.

A must have companion!

Even if you aren’t big on trading, this app is very useful for you to make some quick sells and buys. When I first started using this app, it saved me from getting scammed by another player. I also use it when I go to guild traders to see if I’m getting a good deal. This app is amazingly well done, you’d think it was $3.00-$5.00! I was also very surprised when I saw how much of a gold mine beetle scuttle was! All jokes aside, you’d be a joke to not get this app!

It’s ok

I’ve been using this app for about a month now. For the most part it’s helped me a lot. I no longer have to wait weeks to sell something, because I now know what the going price for whatever averages in guild traders. The only reason I’m not giving it five stars, is because they could update it by adding more things on the app. I’ve found some enchanting materials not on this app as well as crafting writs. I just want something that has a list of everything in the game. But besides that very good app to have!!

Loyal User

I have been using this lady’s website since it launched. The information is spot on as I’m a member of several guilds she draws her data from. And as a result of referencing her site, I can’t keep my guild traders stocked fast enough. On average I can make between 24k to 100k per day using this site. Now, with the new app in place, the information is more organized, easier to load pages and more data is is present. 99 cents is nominal for cost to obtain her data. Considering how much we pay for eso plus and get barely anything in return, considering all the hard work she puts in daily, weekly, monthly to provide us with a great resource - 99 cents is too cheap for her effort. If you are new to ESO trading and just finding this site/app, you will be successful using this Information. Note to Developer: I have referred others to your site and will do so with the app. Thank you for all you do!! - Anna

Abandoned app

This app is useless. Owner no longer updates, save your money. Hasn’t been proper updated since before morrowind!

Great app

Love the app however it desperately needs a search function to search for particular items.

Great app

I used as a reference for a year now and it has not let me down!


Not bad. But, why charge for the app when anyone can get the same information straight off the internet? The same link u forward the app to, u can view for free. So what incentive are u offering to pay the .99 for the app? Also, a search bar would be incredible.

Garbage for Xbox users!!!

Not sure if this app is aimed at PC users or what? Prices are waaaay off for xbox servers. Some are not even anywhere near ballpark range! They claim to update 2-3 times a month but a lot of prices are reflective of prices from 3-5 months ago! Don't waste your money especially if your a console user! Prices are wrong, it's useless!

Great app

This app is awesome. I will say though it's in real need of an update since Morrowind released.

Very helpful

Using this app is a lot easier than price checking guild traders constantly.

Don't waste your money

Honestly the biggest waste of a dollar. I would've enjoyed watching a dollar burn more.

Amazing. Worth it! BEST

Well worth the 99cents. User friendly. Quick and accurate!

Incredibly useful for console players

Coming from the PC world where there is a mod for everything, console players are kind of left in the dark. This app brings visibility into what things should approximately be listed at for the console. I use on PS4 so there is some degree of variability but it gives a good marker. Always recommend comparing on a few traders. Definitely makes it easy to see what's hot and not for the console though.

Good guideline

Good guideline for pricing, good communication from dev team, can't complain. Definitely worth the cost.

Eso price check

I love the app! It has done great by me! Saves me a lot of trouble going out and searching prices.

Awesome job

Very helpful and up to date. Prices vary continuously and this app stays with the market curve. I recommend this to any player new or veteran looking to properly price something when they are unsure of its value


Works great and reliable.

Not as useful as I thought

Prices fluctuate too much and the app seems to not be able to keep up with market and the pricing seems skewed to only certain areas/traders. Would like to see better diversity in location and pricing to reflect current market. Also trader locations needs updated more frequently with the moves of traders and new ones breaking into the trader market.


This app is very useful and has helped me sell multiple items quickly without losing money or taking advantage of inexperienced players and their hard earned gold.

Fabulous bargain!

This is a wonderful app. It made a huge difference for me in learning how to price my trader postings and increased my earnings significantly. I know the new owner is continuing to make improvements and I love the fact she's so responsive to the requests of the community. I continue to recommend it to everyone who wants to learn how to make money in ESO.

Impeccable App

I appreciate the accuracy, the time savings and the fact that this app is consistently updated. I believe this is the best pricing resource available.

Amazing App

Definitely worth it. Amazing easy to use app. Only thing missing is a search feature. But prices are kept up to date fair and honestly.


This app is a huge time saver for me. I use it all the time. The accuracy is spot on.


It's a great tool that accurately represents the current market and prices in ESO. I use this with every transaction I make I can't give this app a better review than 5 stars but if I could I would.

Great item for all who play the market in ESO

This app is pure gold for anyone who wants to get a quick idea of an items cost! I use it EVERYDAY!

Honestly worth it

Okay this app is legitimate, and is worth every penny, it doesn't trick you nor screw you over. It beats trying to go thru every major trader and city trying to find what you need. The effort put in by the folks who run the app and the volunteers who help with the massive load of work have helped hundreds of players make millions in gold. If you honestly want something that will help you and is honest , this app is 100% worth it.

Great app

Two thumbs up. Takes all the guess work and trader stalking out of the equation. Best app out there by far. Do not listen to haters who hate that we have access to an app that doesn't allow them to manipulate the eso economy #devinthedouche


This app has been super helpful. Thanks to the developers for putting all the work in and making selling simple!

A Gift to the Community

Lotta love and hard work went into making this thing work. I spend a lot of my eso time buying and selling, and this is a really great tool. I think a lot of people expect something like this to be a price bible, but it's just a tool. That you have to use in addition to your cumulative knowledge :)

Great App - wouldn't leave home without it!

Such a useful app when you're looking at the price for Nirncrux, the latest armor set you've just acquired, or wondering what your new recipe will fetch on the open market. It has everything neatly laid out, and you can find prices for the many hundreds of armor sets currently available. LOVE it. ❤

Only shows the basics that everyone knows

It doesn't show any weapons or anything that actually matters

ESO Price Checker

I purchased this app in February and updates are few and far!


Will you be updating this soon to reflect the housing update???

Awesome, but please add a comma

I really love the app. It has been super helpful. Is it possible to add a comma to the avg value of the set pieces. It makes it easier to see the difference between a 10000 and a 100000 piece of equipment. Also, I've noticed that the motif prieces reflect the market before everyone went nuts to get ready for Master Writs. I sell Assassin pieces at $20k - $25k each, and sell through most of my inventory each week. I really love the app, and I hope these two changes add some extra value to an already amazing app.

Love it!

This app is just what I've been looking for! I've been using it for a few weeks and it's saved me so much time and effort. It's great for pricing crafting materials! I started with the website but downloaded the app for convenience and more frequent pricing updates. So far I love this app and highly recommend it! However, if you're pricing armor sets, not all are listed. I look forward to the addition of more in future updates! Note: Once in a great while it loads to a white screen on my iPhone 6. But if I force close the app and reopen it, it works just fine.

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